Playmaker Academy

A frontier professional accreditation course

Playmaker Academy™ will change the way you look at your marketplace and how you manage within it. Adapted from full-credit masters courses at The University of Southern California, The George Washington University and The University of Maryland, this five-session series is Playmaker’s signature research and training service.

  • For professionals in communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics and the military.
  • Coursework emphasizes case-based, ethical applications of influence strategies in an entertaining and professional setting.
  • Develops a student’s essential skills in the gamesmanship of today’s commercial and governmental marketplaces – be they activist attacks or breakthrough innovations.
  • Keeps your team on the front-foot and in control of the sentiments, discussions and decisions that affect your organization’s freedom to operate.
  • Gives attendees a professionally-portable method and framework across industries, governments and cultures for analyzing and describing how players use actions, messages and symbols to develop, assert, defend or salvage their positions or agendas.
  • Based on the Playmaker Influence System, an academically-vetted and industry-tested ontology of the emerging discipline of influence strategy.

Download a sample Playmaker Academy syllabus here.

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