Research and Planning

Decode your market’s moves.  Dial in your game plan.

Whether it’s quick answers to quick questions or deep analyses of complex problems, the Playmakers offer a spectrum of research and planning services to keep you in control of your marketplace.  Based on The Standard Table of Influence™, you’ll know what games are being played in your marketplace, and what to do about it.

  • Playmaker Social Advantage System™ offers integrated solutions for corporate social media teams. SAS is client-proven to increase traffic to your digital platforms, put social content creators in control…[more]
  • Play Tracker™ is the first tracking service to reveal the games and gamesmanship of your marketplace…[more]
  • Social Play Tracker™ reveals what no other social media metric can:  The plays that are being run by you, with you and against you in Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere…[more]
  • Play Action Report® tells you what plays your friend or foe just ran and options to consider…[more]
  • Play Action Map™ paints a picture of the actual plays of your marketplace.  Not the tactics.  But the moves and motives behind the execution…[more]
  • Play Action Signature®  is a one-of-a-kind snapshot of a player’s unique tendencies, like the habits of rival bloggers, opposing communicators and competitor CEOs…[more]
  • Competitive Dossiers offer insight into any stakeholder group you want to know more about — friend, foe or fence-sitter…[more]
  • Playmaker Team Survey™ assesses your team’s strategic acumen, competitive readiness, collaborative capacity, organizational capability, resources and policies.  The results are eye-opening…[more]
  • Consulting  pinpoints the precise plays of your marketplace, the options and consequences…[more]