The Playcaller App™

The Strategy App for Mobile Influencers.

The Playcaller App™ is your strategy code cracker. What’s the play?  Find out in three taps. What should you do about it? Find out in one more to pinpoint and position the plays of your marketplace. Available for iOS devices, Playcaller is based on System 2 of  The Standard Table of Influence. A System 3 update is coming soon!

Call the perfect play in Call-a-Play mode. Or drill down in Explore-the-Table mode for added insight and options. Share your play privately by email, post it via Twitter, or update on Facebook. Click here for a short video.

Here are a few examples of Playcaller works for you:

  • Corporate Communicators.  Activists are battering your reputation. What plays are they running? And what plays can you run to quiet or co-opt them?
  • Financial Managers. CEOs run plays. All the time. It’s their job, and particularly on earnings calls. Next quarter, open Playcaller and see if what they’re saying matches with what their stock is doing.
  • Marketers.  Your demand-gen programs are working. Prospects are crowding your funnel. They’re getting nurtured.  But, suddenly, they’re backing out to look at a new alternative.  What plays have made them nervous?  How can you decode it? And what plays can you run to slow or stop the exodus?
  • Media Managers. Your followers are liking you? They’re retweeting you? What plays are they running? And what plays can you run to keep them engaged?
  • Information Warfighters.  It’s all about soft power. Influence. And winning hearts and minds. So what plays do you run?  On stateless enemies, or sovereign allies? Which are best for competing? Which are better for collaborating?
  • Politicos.  Rivals across the aisle are railing against your new position. What plays are they running? And how do you counter them? Your allies have your back.  What plays should they run to support you?
  • Salespeople.  You’ve got a hot new lead. What’s your first play? Will you Assess with a coy Ping? Condition with a self-effacing Disclose? Or Engage with an audacious Preempt?

Get started.  From App Store, download your free version Playcaller to access the plays, surrogates, risk-reward ratings, definitions, related terms and related plays of this must-have decision app. Playcaller now includes Playmaker Standard Guidance — 1,000+ purposes, pros, cons, counter-plays and cases to help you master the games and gamesmanship of your market.

Download Playcaller for any Apple iOS device!