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Cruz Hard Right

The Provocateur: Cruz Goes Hard Right on the Influence Table

March 25, 2015

Listen in to this companion podcast from SiriusXM POTUS 124 In contests of most any kind, it’s often best to go second.  Particularly if you think you’re the better player.  But if you’re the weaker, then surely you should go first. […]

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All Quiet Except Cruz. And Did You Read About Al Gore?

March 18, 2015

Listen to this companion podcast from SiriusXM POTUS 124   WITH JUST 600 DAYS until the 2016 general elections, it was reasonable to have a break in the recent political weather and wind.  And we got it for two reasons:  Democrats were […]

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I’m Kinda Sorry: Hillary’s Plays on Her Emailing Ways

March 12, 2015

Listen to this companion podcast from SiriusXM POTUS…   Let’s face it, if the House of Cards character Frank Underwood was found to have used personal email to conduct his business, he’d be in big trouble.  To escape his detractors, he’d run […]


Playmaker Principles: Don’t Spin Trust and Never Cite Hitler

March 4, 2015

Listen in to this companion SiriusXM POTUS podcast below…  As my grandfather once said of Richard Nixon, “The smartest people do the dumbest things.”  So it goes with Hillary Clinton in yet another plume of political smoke or fire.  Perhaps, […]

howard kurtz

Memo to Howard Kurtz: Scott and Jeb Say It’s Time to Play

February 19, 2015

Listen in to Alan Kelly on SiriusXM POTUS 02-19-15 Okay, so media critic Howard Kurtz doesn’t want us to talk about 2016.  But the problem is that a couple dozen Republican hopefuls do…and they’re running plays that merit our attention.  Here’s Howie’s jovial rant to […]