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Trump Wants Hillary to Be a Man. And She’s Taking the Bait

April 27, 2016

Listen to this companion podcast on SiriusXM POTUS 124.   There are two things I believe about Donald Trump: First, the best way to beat him is to encourage him. Second, if Hillary Clinton plays his game, he will destroy her. This week, […]

Sanders as Monk v2

Bernie’s Vatican Adventure: How an Italian Getaway Might Take Manhattan

April 13, 2016

Listen to this companion podcast on SiriusXM POTUS 124.   There was a time in Democratic party politics when the mother of all surrogates was said to be Bill Clinton. Now, there’s something bigger, The Pope, and Bernie Sanders just landed him. […]


Wargaming Cleveland: Trump and Cruz Bolt GOP, Form New Ticket in Convention Simulation

March 19, 2016

Simulations hint at what can happen and help participants anticipate the consequences. Here’s one from politics with a jaw-dropping outcome. In a simulation of the coming July GOP convention, the tumultuous 2016 election took a theoretical new twist. At a meeting of the […]


Preparing for Cleveland: Gaming Out the Plays of a GOP Brokered Convention

March 16, 2016

Listen to this companion podcast on SiriusXM POTUS 124.   This week, the Playmaker decision system will be put to the ultimate test — as the playbook for the simulation of a brokered GOP convention, perhaps the first ever. And why not? […]


It’s Counter-Intuitive: Four Plays to Stop The Donald

March 10, 2016

Reading the obituaries for Marco Rubio’s political career, it’s clear that pundits will judge the junior senator’s fatal misstep to be his quick turn on Donald Trump — five days of trash talking that ensured his Super Tuesday swoon. Rubio’s overarching play […]