Playmaker Systems Releases Mobile App for On-the-Go Strategy

September 17, 2012

Playcaller Helps Communications, Social Media, Marketing, Sales, Politics and Military Teams Read Opponents and Pinpoint Best Plays to Influence

BETHESDA, MD – September 17, 2012 – Playmaker Systems, a consultancy and developer of systems and standards for influence professionals, today announced the availability of Playcaller™, a first-of-its-kind iOS app optimized for iPad and iPad mini that provides instant code-cracking strategies for professionals in the communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics and military and intelligence industries.

Playcaller is based on The Standard Table of Influence ™, the first complete classification of the 24 most basic stratagems in business, government and society. Dubbed the first periodic table of influence, it is organized into three main categories (Assess, Condition and Engage) and seven subcategories (Test, Divert, Frame, Freeze, Press, Preempt and Provoke). The table is also the centerpiece of The Playmaker Influence Decision System™, a patented ontology first developed in 2006 and introduced today in a streamlined second-generation form (see companion news release).

The basic version of Playcaller, which is free, uses a simple four-question process to quickly identify for users the influence plays that are being run by them, for them, with them and against them. Experienced users can also jump straight to an interactive touch-version of The Standard Table to study the table’s 24 plays, including their risk/reward and transparency ratings, and to call the plays they judge most useful.

For an additional in-app purchase of $4.99, users may buy Playcaller Pro™, a premium-content upgrade, which grants access to The Standard Table’s full set of 1,000+ expert recommendations and options.  This includes the purposes, pros, cons, decode, counter, collaborate and examples that users need to master the games and gamesmanship of their unique marketplace.

End result of four-question decision tree contained in Playcaller.






Example of Playcaller Pro in-app purchase with advanced guidance.






“Influence strategies are like radio waves; we’re saturated by them,” said Alan Kelly, founder and CEO of Playmaker Systems. “It’s time to equip influence professionals with a mobile tool that consolidates the myriad dialects of PR pros and politicos alike and prescribes their most effective and efficient use.”

The Playmaker Influence Decision System, first described by Kelly in his landmark book, The Elements of Influence (Penguin, 2006), is based on the theory that actors in any given marketplace are players in a game whose plans and ploys can be depicted and even predicted for competitive and collaborative advantage. Below are examples of how Playcaller can help both professionals and amateurs advance or defend their agendas:

  • Activists are battering a company’s reputation. Its corporate communications team can use Playcaller to identify those plays that are being used against them, and what plays can be employed to quiet or co-opt them.
  • A non-profit wants to harness the power of social media to increase donations. Using Playcaller, it can determine whether to run a Peacock to generate buzz, a Ping to soft sell donors, or a Screen to amplify the scale of its cause.
  • A marketing department’s demand-gen programs are working and prospects are flooding the phones. Staffers are nurturing these leads, but they suddenly back out.  Playcaller can be used to decode the plays that made them nervous, and the plays that will slow or stop the exodus.
  • A politician’s rivals are railing against her new position. A press secretary can use Playcaller to determine what strategies are at play and how to counter them.  They can also determine what plays allies can employ to collaborate and support their boss’s agenda.
  • A military information officer uses Playcaller to diagnose that the enemy is employing a Filter against U.S. interests in a target environment.  He can report this finding to a superior officer using the common operating language found in Playcaller’s standard lexicon.

About Playmaker Systems

Playmaker Systems, based in Bethesda, MD, is an innovator in the industries of communications, social media, marketing, sales, politics and military information operations. With our patented decision systems and applications, we help professionals analyze and anticipate the moves of their marketplaces for increased command-and-control and faster time-to-influence.

Our standard-setting Playcaller Influence Decision App™, Social Play Tracker™, Play Action Map™, Playmaker Academy™, Playmaker Wargame™ and other services are based on The Standard Table of Influence Plays™. First described in 2006 by CEO and Founder Alan Kelly in his landmark book, The Elements of Influence (Dutton/Plume), it is the centerpiece of the first, definitive ontology of strategies in business, government and society.

Adopted by Fortune 500 companies, including Abbott, Dell, HP, Intel, Royal Dutch Shell, SAP and VMware, and taught at The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management and USC Annenberg School for Communication, this breakthrough decision-making system helps professionals analyze, anticipate and prevail in the games and gamesmanship of their marketplace.

For more information contact us at Playmaker Systems, LLC.

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