Financial Management

Their words are public. Their strategy is a secret. Not anymore.

There’s more to know from the scripts and sentiments of smiling CEOs and stone-faced earnings reports. Now, through Playmaker, there’s motive and intent to mine — insight that tells advisors and investors not simply what’s being communicated, but the precise strategies that drive a company’s rhetoric.

Consider the startup CEO whose quarterly calls produce flat-line signatures on the Taxonomy of Influence Plays. The picture might describe a steady and sensible voice. It might also betray a frightened one-trick pony.

Consider the seasoned executive whose Wall Street reports yield peaks and valleys of dynamic range. Does it signal a tuned-in leader or a frenetic market-follower?

Playmaker decodes these and other ageless riddles: What are they doing? What are they really saying? Is it the truth? Or a ruse? A selling or buying opportunity?

Ask us to prove it. We’ll show you how our breakthrough system gives you the edge in your high-stakes game.