Plays of the Week

Trump as Red Herring

Peacocks and Red Herrings: Fresh for 100 Days

April 26, 2017

At the 100-day mark of his presidency, one thing is clear: Donald Trump is still mugging before the golden drapes of the oval office and his base is still cheering. According to an ABC/Washington Post poll, a mere four percent regret voting for […]


How Transparency Strangles Strategy

April 19, 2017

What do the Trump White House and Apple Computer have in common? Not much, save for their obedience to secrecy and a shared distaste for transparency. Apple is notoriously closed mouthed, particularly when it comes to product designs and release schedules. The Trump administration, […]


Plays That Land the Punch: Reid’s Parting Shot

November 11, 2016

TOUGH TALK This new analysis by Playmaker Systems reveals the influence strategies that underly today’s statement by outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on the victory of Donald Trump. Predictably, they are high-engagement, high-friction plays, occurring largely in the pressing […]


Poison Play? Labels Can Backfire

September 30, 2015

As Apple brings its second-try streaming business online, incumbents Spotify and Pandora seem eager to dismiss the gorilla-sized insurgent. According to Quartz, Pandora’s marketing chief sees Apple Music as a wanna-be brand.  Musing on the premise that Pandora and his legacy rival, Spotify, are called […]


Warning Label: Combo Burger is a Combo Play

August 26, 2015

Fast food giant Burger King this week issued a tongue-in-cheek plea of peace to its rival McDonalds. The idea: To sell for charity a love-child burger…what amounts to the best of both worlds in the fast food business: The McWhopper. Like the tactic, […]